The Balance Group is a small independent consulting team. Working with client organizations, we support them to build their in-house capacity for operations and communication. We serve organizations when they need assistance with integration of new platforms, to initiate a new operation or face an unexpected challenge. For many, we provide ongoing website maintenance services; keeping their message fresh.

As our client organizations become more successful, we help them introduce more efficient and effective technology to improve their operational functions. We match the ability to communicate in cost effective, user friendly ways with subject matter expertise in affordable and factory-built housing, land use planning and training development and delivery.

Serving professional associations, for-profit and nonprofit organizations, businesses and individuals; we design and facilitate strategic planning, focus your messages to reach multiple audiences and find simple paths to powerful communication.

We support our clients by keeping their members, their customers, their constituencies and their public educated, in touch, informed, participating, investing, volunteering and taking action.

We would be pleased to address your needs.


  • The Balance Group partnered with George Porter, Manufactured Housing Resources, Inc. to develop, “ENERGY STAR® for Retailers and Installers – How to Meet Increasing Demand for Certified Manufactured Homes”, a video and online training for Next Step Network, Inc. The training focuses on the Systems Building Research Alliance administration of ENERGY STAR for manufactured homes. It was premiered January 2015 at The Louisville Manufactured Housing Show, hosted by The Midwest Manufactured Housing Federation; KY, IN, IL, MI and OH Factory-built Housing Associations.
    ..”the education programs were well attended and attendees felt they were important to the show’s success.”
  • Our online training portal is being launched to deliver online education resources for affordable housing topics. We believe in results made easy! Our focus is making good use of factory-built homes.
  • Next Step® Network Launches!
    The Balance Group [TBG] is proud of our 4 years of work as consultants to Next Step as they built this unique social enterprise from a single subdivision in Appalachia to a national network. Congratulations!
  • Working with KMHI, we have created an Appraiser’s Training about factory-built homes.
  • Larry Korte is working with Next Step to provide their Network’s training online.


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